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Who are Black Girls In Tech?

Black Girls in Tech was founded with the purpose of creating a colourful space in the white, male-dominated technology sector.Here, black women can support each other, connect with one another and share their experiences and resources within a community of like-minded people.We are a community for black women in tech, by black women in tech.Our aim is to provide a community, resources, and opportunities to black women in tech and those who want to get into tech.We have a whole team of women dedicated to making this happen.

Empower black women in tech globally.

Our mission at Black Girls in Tech is to empower black women in the technology industry and those who aspire to enter the field. We believe in creating a supportive and inclusive community that fosters sisterhood, mentorship, and career growth.One of our primary goals is to provide a strong network and community for black women in tech at any level of their career journey. We recognize the unique challenges and barriers that black women face in the tech industry and believe that by coming together, we can support one another and promote positive change.

In addition to fostering a sense of community, we are committed to providing our members with valuable resources and educational opportunities. We offer a range of existing resources, as well as curated educational resources and bootcamps that are designed to support and enhance the skills and knowledge of our members.

We are also committed to creating opportunities for our members to advance their careers in tech. This includes offering scholarships and bootcamps that provide access to in-demand skills and training, as well as marketing job opportunities on our website to help connect our members with potential employers.

Our ultimate goal is to help our members succeed in the tech industry and to promote greater diversity and inclusion in the field. We believe that by working together and supporting one another, we can create positive change and achieve our shared goals of increasing the % of black women in the technology industry.

Why is our work so important?

We strive to inspire young black women to recognise the significance of what having skills skills in tech can do to affect the state of the world .Thus, it is our duty to give attention and give a voice to the talents existing in the black community as the space currently does not have a great representation nor does it do enough to embrace black female talent.

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Our Story

Discover the story of our company through our timeline. From our humble beginnings to where we are today, explore the key milestones and challenges that have shaped our journey.

2020 was a year of unprecedented challenges, but it also marked the founding of Black Girls in Tech in Dublin, Ireland. With a mission to empower and inspire black girls and women in the tech industry, BGIT quickly expanded its reach, serving the UK and Ireland. Through mentorship, networking, and training programs, BGIT helped to bridge the gender and diversity gap in tech..
Intake of US members / BGIT Nigeria launch

Building on its success, BGIT expanded its global presence in 2021. The organization expanded to receive members in the United States, bringing its mission and programs to even more black girls and women in tech. Additionally, BGIT Nigeria was founded, becoming the second branch of the organization. With a growing network of members and supporters, BGIT continues to make strides towards a more inclusive and diverse tech industry.
Bootcamps/Cyber Academy Launch

In 2022, Black Girls in Tech continued to expand its impact by partnering with over 30 tech companies, including industry leaders and startups. These partnerships provided new opportunities for mentorship, internships, and job placements for BGIT members.In addition to its partnerships, BGIT launched its own Cyber Academy, providing training and certification in cybersecurity.

This new initiative aims to equip black girls and women with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the fast-growing field of cybersecurity.BGIT also launched its own bootcamps, offering intensive training programs in coding, data analysis, and other tech skills. These bootcamps are designed to provide a supportive and inclusive learning environment, helping to bridge the skills gap and advance the careers of black girls and women in tech..

In 2023, Black Girls in Tech has continued to thrive and expand its reach. The organization's efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in the tech industry have gained momentum, with more and more Black girls and women joining the ranks of tech professionals.Through its various programs, initiatives, and partnerships, Black Girls in Tech has become a leading voice in the tech community, advocating for the advancement and empowerment of Black women in tech.

The organization's impact has been felt not just in the United Kingdom , Ireland, Nigeria and United States, but across the globe, as it continues to inspire and support girls and women from all backgrounds to pursue careers in technology.As Black Girls in Tech grows bigger and better, it remains committed to its core mission of creating a more inclusive and equitable tech industry. With its ever-expanding network of members, supporters, and partners, the organization is poised to make an even greater impact in the years to come..

Team section

Meet the Global Black Girls in Tech Team who are passionate about increasing the diversity & inclusion within the tech space.

Karen Emelu
CEO & Founder
Naomi Williams
COO - Chief Operations officer / Head of Partnerships
Anjola Adebowale
BGIT Nigeria Lead
Lami Smith
CCO - Chief Community Officer / Head of Community Growth
Nancy Durosinmi
CMO - Chief Media Officer
Obonu Rachael Davies
BGIT Ireland Lead
Ayo Ogunkeye
Events Manager - UK
Ruth Osuntola
Education Team
Eke Igwe
Education Team
Faith Ida
Education Team
Ayisha Alli
Education Team
Janet Yeboah
Internal Operations
Noka Atawodi
Social Media Team - UK & USA
Paris Holland
Social Media Lead - UK & US
Isis Paynter
Social Media Team - UK & USA
Natalie Rochelle
Partnerships & Events - USA
Faikat Moliki
Brittany Jones
Partnership Associate and Community Associate - USA
Teni Ayeni
Partnerships Lead - Ireland
Chisom Ezeilo
Social Media & Community  Growth - Ireland
Daniella Edokpolor
Social Media &  Content  - UK
Faling Tongman
Community Initiatives Lead - Ireland
Sandra Uba
Social Media Manager - Ireland
Chiamaka Uzuegbu
Events Manager - Nigeria
James Morgan
Community Manager - Nigeria
Mobolade Akinlua
BGIT Team - Nigeria
Muyiwa Olalekan
BGIT Team - Nigeria
Tosin Bakare
BGIT Team - Nigeria
Bukola Akindejoye
BGIT Team - Nigeria
Tamilore Zaid
BGIT Team - Nigeria
Glory Ogbebor
BGIT Team - Nigeria
Ruth Ikegah
BGIT Team - Nigeria

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