BGIT Staycation 2023

March 14, 2023

Staycation with BGIT (Black Girls In Tech)

BGIT hosted its inaugural staycation, bringing together women in tech to bond over shared
values. This retreat unfolded in the peaceful countryside of Bath at a private estate known as
Eden, a breathtaking location surrounded by picturesque scenery. To elevate the experience,
we were treated to a culinary journey with a talented chef preparing exquisite delicacies
throughout the whole stay.

Day 1

The staycation commenced with the ladies unpacking and settling into the inviting living area,
where our first workshop, a bonding and journaling session, took place. Lunch, thoughtfully
prepared by our resident chef, followed. The afternoon allowed for personal time and an
opportunity to get to know roommates better. To foster comfort and connection, Black Girls In
Tech presented each participant with a thoughtfully curated goodie bag containing BGIT
merchandise, journals, and skincare products.

As evening fell, we gathered for a delightful dining experience and engaged in one of the
evenings highlights: a sip and paint activity. Surprisingly, we discovered hidden Picassos and
Van Goghs among us as the ladies beautifully expressed themselves on canvas, sharing their
personal connections to their art. This was followed by a spirited game night that revealed the
competitive spirit of black girls in tech, with laughter echoing throughout the room as we
guessed each others charades.

Day 2

We awoke to the inviting aroma of an English breakfast, fresh bakery goods, fruits, and
juices—a truly heavenly start to the day. Our first workshop, led by the CEO of Black Girls In
Tech, delved into thought-provoking questions centred around self-empowerment. This session
proved immensely powerful, as the ladies shared their vulnerabilities and discussed the
challenges faced as black women in the tech industry and in their daily lives. Witnessing black
women uplifting one another, sharing their journeys, and experiencing moments of tears,
laughter, and shared wisdom was truly healing.

Following this session, the ladies received their second goodie bag of the staycation,
generously sponsored by Ruka, containing a scrunchie, a hair towel, and a spray bottle. 
Before venturing into our sports day activities in the estate& beautiful garden, the ladies wore
their  T-shirts sponsored by 80T. The sports day featured an array of games, including three-
legged races, egg-and-spoon races, sack races, and relays. A warm-up routine set the stage,
and as the ladies were divided into four teams, they displayed unwavering support for one
another. However, when it was announced that the blue team emerged victorious, cheers
travelled throughout the countryside, likely heard by the neighbouring estates. We concluded
this exhilarating day with a delightful meal of spring rolls, offering both vegetarian and meat
options, alongside some stir-fry.

After satiating our appetites and enjoying some much-needed rest, the ladies either embarked
on a leisurely walk or simply relaxed. In the evening, we convened for a BGIT movie night,
relishing a meticulously prepared dinner and dessert, complemented by prosecco and juice.

Day 3

On the final day, we gathered at the breakfast table to share our last meal together as
staycation buddies. By this time, deep connections had formed among the ladies, and
conversations filled the air, creating an atmosphere of warmth and togetherness. Our workshop
on self-empowerment included sharing affirmations, discussing life goals, and embracing
moments of vulnerability. Tears were shed, bringing forth clarity and comfort.
The day continued with a goal-setting session that involved creating mood boards, documenting
goals on Notion, and writing heartfelt letters to ourselves. Our staycation concluded with a final
lunch, lovingly prepared by the talented chef, followed by personal time for reflection and
relaxation. At 5 PM, we reconvened to bid farewell, carrying with us the cherished memories
and strengthened bonds forged during this extraordinary staycation experience.

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