Black Girls in Tech : Ireland

We are excited to announce that Black Girls in Tech is now live in Ireland! We understand the need for community for black women in tech, by black women in tech. With our HQ based in Dublin , our aim is to provide a community, resources, and opportunities to black women in tech and those who want to get into tech all over Ireland.

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Black Girls in Tech: Technology Awards

Black Girls in Tech Ireland is ONE!!

Come celebrate the achievements of incredible Black women in our community at the BGITI Technology Awards event! Join us at Dogpatch Labs for a night of recognition, inspiration, and networking.

Do you know a remarkable woman who is making waves in the world of technology? It's time to shine a spotlight on their extraordinary achievements and contributions!We're thrilled to announce the call for nominations for our prestigious BGITI Tech Awards. These awards aim to celebrate and honour the outstanding accomplishments of women in our community who are leading the charge in the tech industry, breaking barriers, and driving innovation forward.

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BGIT Ireland Launch Event

BGIT Ireland Launch was an outstanding success, and we are thrilled to share some captivating pictures from the remarkable evening! 🥳 The event was filled with exciting networking opportunities, an insightful discussion led by esteemed panelists, and valuable advice that left a lasting impact. It was an occasion that should not have been missed by anyone interested in the intersection of technology and empowerment.

The atmosphere was buzzing with enthusiasm and positive energy as attendees connected with like-minded individuals, fostering new relationships and forging potential collaborations. The networking sessions provided a platform for Black women in tech to build a strong support network and expand their professional connections within the industry.

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